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Leaders as Teachers at Signature Health

See Mary McNevin’s Blog on Leaders as Teachers at Signature Health

This post and what describe is nothing less than fabulous.  It is absolute state of the practice.
My heartiest congratulations to you, Joe and your colleagues at Signature Healthcare. Keep the blogs coming.

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Your Leaders-as-Teachers Team

The most important members of a Leaders-as-Teachers team are the Learning Profession and the Leader-Teachers.  Members can take on one or more roles to achieve success with this approach.  See this ASTD –> ATD blog  for a list of team roles and a list of Leader roles that can go beyond the standard role of standup-teacher/trainer.  It is the 6th and last of the 2014 series.

Do your leader-teachers teach beyond the classroom?

Learn more about the new roles of leader-teachers in our networked world from this ASTD –> ATD blog from the authors of Leaders As Teachers Action Guide.