Leaders-as-Teachers is an approach for success.  You can read more about it in “Leaders As Teachers Action Guide” (2014) and Leaders as Teachers (2009)

More than ever, CEO’s, Boards, and the executive teams of highly successful companies and organizations have placed a laser focus on their talent management, learning, and leadership development practices. The goal of these talent management and leadership development efforts is to ensure that engaged and effective leaders and professionals are in key roles now and in the long-term. A vital talent and leadership practice adopted by many of these same organizations is the practice of leaders developing leaders…  leaders serving as teachers, coaches and mentors…  in short, Leaders As Teachers.

In these blogs, the authors describe best practices to implement an effective Leaders As Teachers approach to:

    • drive business results,
    • stimulate learning and development,
    • develop leader-teachers’ skills,
    • strengthen organizational culture and communications,
    • promote positive change, and
    • reduce costs for learning and development programs.

Join us in the conversation on LinkedIn as we focus on Leaders-as-Teachers best practices, including those practiced at companies like BD, P&G, Boeing, HP, SES, Banner Health, Signature Health, Merck, and many others.

Together, we will all continue the learning journey.

Ed Betof, Lisa Owens and Sue Todd
from the coauthors of Leaders As Teachers Action Guide


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